Friday, June 15, 2018

Bigfoot Bike Training!

On Monday, Room 24 had an exciting day of  learning about bikes with Bigfoot Bikes! We learnt about the importance of wearing our helmets correctly, wearing appropriate clothing, checking important functions of our bicycle like brakes and lights, and also about riding safely. After our lesson we got to test our knowledge by practising all the safety procedures and techniques and challenge ourselves through a range of obstacle courses. Well done Room 24! Remember to practice safe use of your bicycles and always be prepared with the right equipment!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Samoan Language Week!

Last week, Owairaka School observed Samoan Language Week! It was a week of awesome fun where we got to learn Samoan culture. During Garden to Table, two of our awesome parent volunteers showed us how coconut cream is made in Samoa. The coconut is first grated by hand, on a large tool. Some lucky students from Room 24 got try this task! Room 24 also got to learn about a traditional Samoan game called Lape. It is a game similar to softball and there is a lot of emphasis on teamwork. Each team had to come up with their own dance and chants to use during the game. We had a blast!

Matariki at Owairaka!

Jaerok from Room 24 has been one of the students chosen to design a sculpture that will displayed at the Owairaka Matariki festival! He has been working with our school caretaker Peter and has made some excellent progress so far. The Owairaka Matariki festival takes place on Saturday the 30th of June at the top of summit drive. The art installations will be displayed from 8am to 6pm. Come along and support the hard work our students at Owairaka have put in!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Garden to Table Weeks 4 and 5!

In Week 4 for Garden to Table, the gardening team worked with Ms. G and team on harvesting and weighing kumaras! We learnt that kumaras sell for $9 a kilogram! The largest kumara we found was just over a kilogram. The kitchen team in Week 4 prepared a delicious Japanese lunch for us. The team prepared sushi, soy sauce, and salad for us. In Week 5, we had a Samoan themed Garden to Table! The gardening team completed various jobs around the school. We put soaked cardboard in the worm farms, trimmed our strawberry plants, and filled up bottles with worm tea. It was tiring work! The kitchen team got the privilege of working with Hamida and learning about traditional Samoan food. We found out that in Samoa the boys do all the cooking and serving for the families, while the ladies eat first. The main ingredients we used for our Samoan lunch were coconuts (which was used in shredded form, cream, and milk!), bananas, and taro (root and leaves).

Our Awards Winners!

Well done to our awesome students from Room 24 who did a fantastic job of representing Owairaka School at the Eden Albert Inter-School Touch Competition. They showed kotahitanga (unity) and manawanuitanga (resilience) and produced an excellent result by finishing in second place! It was a nail-biting final where our team lost only by one point! Congratulations once again team and keep up the great work!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Garden to Table - Week 3

In Week 3 for Garden to Table, Room 24 students worked hard in the gardens! We worked together to remove weeds from around our fruit and vegetable trees so that they could grow better. After weeding we split into small groups and completed some smaller tasks like filling the compost bins with leaves, emptying soil created in the worm bins, and digging out kumaras! Our kitchen team prepared a delicious meal for us once we had finished our hard work in the gardens!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Garden to Table (Weeks 1 and 2)!

Room 24 has had two fun and productive weeks at Garden to Table. In our first week, the gardening team worked hard on weeding the garden beds, and added food to the worm farms. Miss G taught us the correct technique of pulling out weeds. To weed correctly, we need to put our hands into the soil, underneath the plant, and dig out the weed from its bulb. If we don't remove the bulb, the weed can continue growing in our garden. After our gardening session, we joined the kitchen team who prepared a delicious meal for us! In the second week, the gardening team worked on cutting up wood for our pizza oven. It was a lot of hard work, but we worked as a team to get the job done!