Monday, June 26, 2017

Fun Learning at MOTAT!

Last week, Room 20 had the privilege of visiting MOTAT! They did some awesome learning about the different types of bridges there are and the two main forces that hold up these bridges. The two forces were compression and tension. Apart from this, students also got the chance to do some exploring at MOTAT, where they raced against the speed light, found out about virtual reality, tested their weight on other planets, and lots more! Awesome learning Room 20!


  1. Hi rm 20,
    I really like your post about your trip to Motat.
    Have you thought about adding captions to the pics.


  2. WOW, Room 20 your experience at motat must of been really fun, you are really lucky you got to go to motat. From frankie room 21 owairaka primary school. If you want to visit my blog you can visit it at :